Relocate Campaign Wind-Up

As all the (very limited) avenues of community consultation and legal action have been closed and the LNP have been restored to power in the 2019 NSW elections, the Executive of the Relocate regret to advise that there is no remaining prospect of saving the State Significant Farmland from unnecessary destruction.  Our media release below was was published by the three local newspapers (although substantially redacted in the Tweed Daily News to remove our call to re-unify the broken community) The healing can be achieved through all sides now working together to protect the remaining farmland, with the hospital no longer an issue.

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‘But That Don’t Make It Right’.

We still recognize that the integrity of the methods employed to impose a half billion dollar development on a small community with no prior consultation, to rezone protected land arbitrarily, to have Ministers of the Crown as sole consent authorities, and to commence work on a major hospital with no development consent, all remain at issue. These should stand as a serious warning of where this government is headed in its coming term.  We know 52% of Tweed residents voted for parties against the government candidate in what he falsely chose to deem “a referendum on the hospital” (which of course it was not – it was always about the siting.)  Despite new calls for all opposition to now be silenced we ask the people of Tweed to stay vigilant against further erosion of their rights to engage in local planning and gain access to government reports kept secret because the contents are …. well, what?  Every single request by Relocate for background planning documents mentioned as used for decision-making was refused on either specious or technically contrived grounds.

The Legacy

Tweed Shire Council has been left the legacy of cleaning up the government’s mess. They are left with solving the huge support infrastructure problems, the trashing of years of town planning consultation and the loss of public faith in that process henceforth. Who would bother to turn out to participate in the urgent rebuilding of Shire planning schemes that can be rendered irrelevant overnight?

Where to Now?

As there is no longer a zoned SSF site to protect, the Relocate Campaign has, as we said, been rendered pointless by decree. It is now up to the community to take up the fight to protect the remaining state significant farmland and quality of life for Kingscliff & Cudgen residents.

The 2020 pro-development “Take Back the Tweed” Council candidates know the rule book has been torn up, and are already ramping up their campaigns to exploit this window of opportunity.  Only concerted community action can resist further loss of farmland, of habitat and of village lifestyles.

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