Irreplaceable – amongst the best farmland in the country.

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The “Relocate” campaign is about informing the community of the real consequences of a regional hospital health precinct on Australia’s richest farmland.  You can use this website to discover the undisclosed facts behind the plans and decisions so far, and form your own conclusions.

Who is the “Relocate Team”?

Relocate Team members are a group of concerned farmers and local residents, drawn from supporters of all political parties, but the group is allied to none.  Nor is it aligned to any land developer.  It is simply united by a common positive goal – to obtain a new regional hospital for Tweed on a site that respects a decade of Government public consultation and is consistent with the Government’s own published plans.

The Relocate Team totally supports the Government’s well overdue hospital funding announcement which is so important for this community. We cannot, however, support the destructive site choice of protected, fertile, red soils of the Cudgen Plateau, designated as State Significant Farmland in 2007. This location contradicts all previous hospital and land use planning established by State and Local Government public consultation over the past decade.

Our MP Geoff Provest and Health Minister Hazzard have told us this prime farmland is definitely the best and only site for our new hospital. Of course that’s equivalent to saying Sydney’s Centennial Park is definitely the best and only site for a new M1 Motorway corridor.  We should insist they disclose the yet-to-be-seen detailed report with their 2nd and 3rd choices and explain why they can’t possibly work.

By demanding residents choose between either “a hospital bed or a sweet potato”, they have deliberately & divisively set up a false choice.  Yet with a sensible site choice we can easily have BOTH.

What can be Done?

  • Keep up to date with community feedback on Facebook.
  • Email your friends a link to this site to access the facts the State Government desperately wants to keep hidden until they have the project locked in on our precious farmland.
  • Send us your name and contact details and you will receive timely information on public events and other ways you can lend your support to the campaign.
  • You can phone email or write to your local MP,  the Premier and The Health Minister with your concerns. (addresses on SUPPORT THE CAMPAIGN page)
  • At the coming March 23 State Election, make sure your vote sends a message about your stance on this vital issue.

…. and remember that “divide and conquer” is a policy meant to set neighbour against neighbour in our community.  Resist this, and show mutual respect for the opinions of the good well-intentioned fellow citizens deliberately driven to take sides in this debate.